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Our Vision is, bring our students into the 21st century through innovation and modern technology.

Our Mission is, to be the provider of IT training which deliver long term career benefits.

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The very friendly environment between trainers and students, designing courses such as Linux for experienced IT professionals providing them with the ability to implement their knowledge in their production working environment immediately after the end of course, and backing our students when they implement their knowledge in their working environment. Softwise Learners, recently celebrated its 4th anniversary on 1st September 2014; at the event many new initiatives was launched, one of it was the formation of its alumni.

Message by Managing Director

We will make students to realise their fullest potential and be outstanding IT personnel in the market with relevant qualifications and skills to perform. The knowledge that we impart will be used to develop skills of the students and they would be able to use it on the fillowing day at their owrk place.

They would always have access to us to clarify or sort out any problem that they may face as to IT in their work place. We will develop a relationship that they will continuosly be in touch with us and develop every day. We want Sri Lankans to be good brands in the feild of IT and we are committed to make it happen.

Maxwell Ranasinghe

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