Advanced Certificate in Web Development

Softwise Learnings, one of the leading training institutes in the field of IT education, has commenced inviting applications for its Advanced Certificate in Web Development (ACWD) course.

This course is open to both the public and private sectors and has followed by a large number of students so far.

Advanced Certificate in Web Development

  1. The majority of public and private institutions have their own websites, but they are rarely updated. It is also a problem that not adapting to the new technology which is updated day by day.
  2. In such situations introduction of new technology and training is essential to the IT officers for the development of the institute and as well as to fulfill institutional goals and expectations.
  3. This course will fulfill your needs and in addition to maintaining websites, you will also be equipped with the latest technology to create new websites.
  1. IT Officers – Private and Public sector who handle website and required to maintain and improve website.
  2. School Leavers – Begin career with web development and find a job or earn money developing websites to the customers.
  3. University Students – Who want to learn, get knowledge for doing assignment and final project using web development.

Basic knowledge of computer literacy is mandatory. If you do not have that knowledge, you can take the course for our basic knowledge and then join this course.

  1. Web Technologies
  2. HTML
  3. CSS
  4. JavaScript
  5. JQuery
  6. PHP & MySQL
  7. PHP & Framework
  8. Apache Web Server
  9. Ajax
  10. Bootstrap
  11. XML
  12. WordPress
  13. Joomla
  14. Develop, Upload and Updating Website to Internet
  15. Hosting Website to Internet
  • Rs. 25,000/- per person
  • There are no any other additional charges for the above-mentioned course fee.

A discount of 10% is allowed if more than four (04) employees of the same institution are enrolled for the course.

Public Class Schedules – Year 2021

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